life groups

Life Groups will begin again in the fall. Please contact Pastor Mark if you are interested in learning more.

Life Groups are a new way of looking at small groups.  Instead of being curriculum based, Life Groups are a place where everyone can experience authentic community and intentional spiritual growth.  Life Groups at Connection Point will center around Application, Action Steps, and Accountability.

A group will meet each week for eight weeks and then we'll break for several weeks before starting up again for another eight weeks.  Life groups will meet in people's homes for about two hours each week and will be centered around five action-oriented elements:

  1. Social Time - sharing a meal together was a staple of the early church described in the book of Acts. Social time is designed for everyone to get to know one another like celebrations, hobbies, family events, etc. centered around a meal.
  2. Checking In - all will share how they did on their actions step from the previous week. It's important to establish healthy accountability to ensure spiritual growth.
  3. Message Discussion - discussion will focus around the message from the previous Sunday, helping each member of the group to personalize it -- applying it to themselves, 
  4. Action Step - in response to the discussion, each person will choose an action step for him or herself. We are to be more than simply hearers of the Word, we are to be doers of the Word (James 1:22) which will move us toward Life Change, one of our core values.
  5. Prayer Time - this is a time to pray (one of our core values) for one another as each person seeks to obey God the next week in the specific area/action step identified.

Additionally, each Life group will choose a way to serve as a group (one of our core values!)