~ Prayer - Prayer is the way we communicate with our Heavenly Father.  A strong relationship with the Father is built through a strong prayer life.

~ God’s Word -God’s Word is one of the main ways God communicates with us. God uses His Word to teach us, shape us, keep us from evil, equip us, and deepen our relationship with Him. 

~People - People matter to us because each and every person is created by God. God loves people so much that His own Son died to give a new life, an eternal life to all who believe in Him.

~Life-Change - When we cross the line of faith, Jesus will radically change your life. Our old self is to be put off/discarded and with the power of the Holy Spirit we are to strive to live as a new creation. Life-Change is a daily process of us learning to become more like Jesus. 

~Service - Serving allows us to be the hands and feet of God and practice generosity to those around us. Utilizing our unique gifts, skills, talents, finances, and experiences we are to serve with all our hearts, following Christ’s example.