What's beneath the surface? Is there more to this Christianity thing? What makes Connection Point so special? What about me, how does my life matter?

REVEAL is for those who have been new to Connection Point within the past year and have a desire to understand more about our beliefs and how to live out a life that seeks to follow Christ.

For starters we'll just take a few weeks for you to get to know us. You'll learn about how we got started, how we fit into the historical church and mission of God, how we live out our belief, and where we're going.

We'll also assist you in discovering your own spiritual gifts, personality style and God-given passion for ministry. God has given every Christian at least one or more spiritual gifts that are to be used to serve in the Church.

Ultimately we want you to be comfortable with who we are, how we got here, and how you play an important part. Pastor Chad and Bob will be taking you through this twelve week journey and it's sure to be a fun time!

Sign up here, sessions will be offered on selected Sunday events.